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My experience at Flying Tiger Aviation was really great! All of the instructors are really knowledgeable and willing to teach. I have learned so much here and I am ready to start my career as an ag pilot. They have really great facilities and great planes!! I couldn't have asked for a better experience

- Daniel Wells
Graduate of 2016

Financing Information

Financing is accomplished through our partnership with Louisiana Delta Community College. This partnership affords you the opportunity to earn a workforce certificate as an Ag Pilot, and allows those who qualify to seek financial aid. To learn more about this partnership and financing fill out the Request More Information form and someone from our school will contact you.

Our History

history_logoFlying Tiger Aviation was founded in 1998 by E. Edwards Barham and Robert A. McCurdy.

Prior to establishing Flying Tiger Aviation, they began a working partnership with the government in a joint effort to eradicate the Boll Weevil infestation. During that time they collected a variety of aircraft used for that purpose. Among them were such unique airframes as the Gippsland GA-200, an Australian variant of the Pawnee PA-15 with a side by side two seat cockpit. Only six existed in North America at the time. They also did low volume work utilizing spray equipped Citabrias, which is a skill only accomplished by seasoned aviators.

When the boll weevil eradication effort was completed and now equipped with a fleet of four Ag planes, Flying Tiger Aviation was created.

Mr. McCurdy, was hired as our first instructor. With over 20,000 hours of aerial application time, including a CFI and CFII. With all this experience under his belt, Mr. McCurdy was more that capable of teaching new aspiring pilots. Mr. McCurdy became Flying Tiger Aviation’s first Chief Pilot and remains a pillar of the school to this day.

BarhamAt this point, Mr. Barham, began to market the training program. His first steps were to secure the use of the highly recognized Flying Tiger symbol of the 23rd AVG (All Volunteering Group).

A highly honored class of men and women commanded by Claire Chennault, a native of Louisiana. This respected symbol is a reflection of a group who was made up of volunteer American airmen who entered the Second World War as early as 1939 to help the Chinese defeat the Japanese occupying forces.

With such a reputation and decorations honor, you can see why Mr. Barham had such a great desire to procure the label of Flying Tigers and continue the legacy of excellence that the 23rd AVG had so aptly established onto the new training school. It was simply a natural fit and captured the dedication of both organizations to a mission bigger than any one member of the team and a commitment to integrity, something Mr. Barham instilled into Flying Tiger Aviation from the beginning. Incidentally, The Flying Tigers Historical Organization is located at the Monroe Louisiana regional airport, just 17 miles west of our training location.

McCurdy1Since 1998, Flying Tiger Aviation has been training aviators who aspire to be aerial applicators as well as those seek FAA certifications for private and commercial licenses, instrument ratings, tailwheel, high performance rating and turbine training. From our humble beginnings Flying Tiger Aviation has grown into the best and most sought after Agricultural Flight training institution in the world. We have trained hundreds of pilots over the years from all over the world and remain the #1 Agricultural Flight Training School.

In a continuing effort to meet the growing training needs of the next generation of aerial applicators, Flying Tiger Aviation continues to expand our fleet with new modern aircrafts as well as unmanned (drones) aircrafts. Our guiding slogan and motto is Safety First, Integrity Always. We practice this every day and it shows in our exceptional safety record and reputation among aviators. No other Ag training program can compare with the experience of our instructors, and our dedication to providing safe aerial application instruction with the same integrity of those heroic men who first bore the name Flying Tiger. Simply put, we have a proud history and a glowing future, where the sky is not the limit. It is an endless space of possibilities.


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