Our Courses

Flying Tiger Aviation specializes in Agricultural Aerial Application Flight Training. With our many years in the aerial application industry and conducting flight training, our training philosophy was developed with the knowledge that each student is more productive when they learn at their own pace. All of our training phases are self-paced. In addition, all instruction, flight and ground, is given on a one-on-one basis with one of our highly skilled and experienced flight instructors. Flying Tiger Aviation has a diverse student population. Because of the specialized training offered at Flying Tiger Aviation, students travel from around the country, as well as internationally, to participate in our training programs. During training, students may reside in our dorm facility. A student beginning our training program with no previous flight experience can expect to be with us for approximately 4 to 5 short months in order to complete all phases of training. Financial assistance is available and can be approved for 100% of the training cost.

Earning a Private Pilot Certificate is the first step toward earning a career as a professional pilot. Our Private Pilot Program is completed in two phases with a total of 50 hours of flight time.

An instrument rating allows a pilot to operate in low/no visibility conditions. An instrument rating is recommended for all pilots seeking a career in ANY field of aviation. An instrument rating will create a safer, more skilled pilot.

Tail Wheel Endorsement
A tail wheel endorsement is required for a pilot to operate a conventional gear aircraft. Flying a tailwheel aircraft requires training in the special handling characteristics of the tail wheel configuration during take-off, landing, and taxiing.

The Commercial Pilot Certificate allows a pilot to receive compensation for flying. Our Commercial Pilot Program consists of two phases of training, one of which is for time building. 250 hours of flight time is required to obtain a Commercial Pilot Certificate (all flight time accumulated from the time training begins, including the instrument rating and the Basic Ag course, count toward the minimum hour requirement).

Ag Course
Our Ag course is designed to prepare pilots for a career in the aerial application industry. This program consists of 4 training phases. Pilots receive training regarding all phases of aerial application flight operations, dispersal equipment, ground operations, and state agriculture department licensing.

Turbine Transition
Turbine transition is accomplished in our dual cock pit Thrush. This course will prepare you with everything you need to be a successful pilot in a turbine aircraft.